I finally had our ticket out of the decaying suburbs of Detroit. My train left the Dearborn station at 4.50est. As it pulled away I left behind my wife, son, and best friend. I hope they do well without me. I know I’ll miss them all. The train rocked me to sleep just past Ann Arbor; perhaps it was the Tanqueray. I awoke somewhere in Indiana to the conductor explaining the train had stopped because the main computer was down at some central station. “It could be five minutes, it could be five days.” He went on to say, as the passengers futilely complained of their need to arrive on time. I suppose they wanted him to go out and pull the train or better yet who needs computers I’m sure that half a mile long freight train is sure to get out of the way. Needless to say we were rolling again within ten minutes.

I arrived at Chicago’s Union Station where an old friend of mine was waiting. He took me to a local pub where we enjoyed food drinks and our choice of tobacco. Mine being stale Captain Black Cavandish of some sort. We walked the streets until two am. We turned in, watching a video before four. That’s Chicago time, to me it was 5 am. I had been up now for some twenty-five hours. Almost too tired to sleep. The city sounds soothed me right down. Until a few hours later when my friend, in his sleep, yelled out the window “They’re all gone! And the powers out! We’re fine, we’re fine, fine.” Phrases like these went on for the next half-hour before I could fall back asleep. In the morning, or early afternoon if you will I caught the Metra to Great Lakes.

The wind blew cold off of Lake Michigan I struggled with my broken zipper, and walked in the direction I thought I might find the nearest food without checking in yet. I walked a mile in the opposite direction before I found anything. I had #7 combo, Gyro with fries and a drink. I finally checked into the base expecting the strictness of a post September 11th, quasi drill sergeant-esque manner. I never found it though. Nicer than any barracks I’ve ever slept in and worse than any one else I found my self in a corner room of the building overlooking… I’m not sure what I have yet to look out the window.

That was yesterday and today is Friday. I got my ID card and took a drug test. All else will be closed until after the weekend. I suppose I was lucky enough not to get my uniforms because I won’t have duty until Monday. If I didn’t know better I would say I haven’t joined the Navy, I just happened across some apartments where everyone is laid back and finds them self watching movies on big screen TVs in a day room directly adjacent to the gaming room. I have nothing to do all weekend. Luckily I bought a backgammon board at the NEX.

It’s blue.


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