“We don’t have Yellow Fever, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

Yellow fever is an ailment that I associate with the Oregon Trail.

I am supposed to be at indock today, other than the next step to leaving here I’m not sure what that is. I wasn’t able to go because I was supposed to get -9- shots today over on the Recruit Training Center side. Those recruits looked so sad. Moreover, stupid I suppose. That’s one downfall of the American society lessening their brain activity over the past few decades, the people who sign up to defend their right of stupidity are usually worse off than the norm. I swear to god every person I saw on the other side today was from Belleville, or at least had ancestral ties there. So as you can see I in today’s first statement I wasn’t able to get my shots.

Here’s where the problem ferments. At thirteen hundred today I am supposed to have oral surgery, to get anywhere from two to four teeth pulled. Normally, I am told after such an operation the patient is put on SIQ for three days. SIQ means sick in quarters, military folk have a hard time with double syllable words so we use a lot of acronyms. So, If I am SIQ for three days that means I can’t get shots until Monday, which means I can’t ‘INDOCK’ until Tuesday. Which means I’ll never get out of Oz. My only hope is to bear it tomorrow, get my shots, and hopefully be able to catch the next INDOCK cycle on Monday.

I look forward to seeing my wife this weekend. I’ll let you know how everything else goes.

Anchors Away Boys!


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