“Hey Corey…” a shipmate said after muster. “You have watch tonight from four to eight right?”


“You wanna switch with me? I have it from twenty to zero.”

It didn’t take long for me to respond. I wouldn’t have to wake up at three to pull a mid watch, so I said sure. “Sure!”

There are three duty sections here at TPU and we rotate watch shifts. There are two watches, the Quarterdeck here and then over at 177 where the deserters are birthed. This shifts usually run in four-hour watches. Most people prefer it over here because you can sit down. Not me though those deserters are cheaper than a movie and more exciting than TV, besides there’s a runner who stand watch with you over there.

Conversations with people at 177 usually revolve, actually always revolve around three things.

i. “So what are you an OSVET or a NAVET? Oh really the Army!? What was that like? Why’d you come here?”

ii. “Ya I got picked up for speeding and then they sent me here. I went deserter because…” and this is the part of the conversation where they try to convince you that there reason for desertion is better, more logical, and more legit than any one else there.

iii. “Ya so I fucked so many chicks. Ya I got a blowjob over there. Dude I fucked like five chicks at once.”

As you can imagine, they do most of the talking. So it was getting late, phase iii. of the conversation was now setting in. I forgot to mention these conversations happen like this in order. Always in order. So phase iii. now.

Seaman walked past the quarterdeck.

“Permission to come aboard?”

“Granted.” She passes through into the p.way.

“Dude I’m trying to get a blowjob from her.”


It was like a movie. I had what we like to call in the literary world, a flash back.

Seaman X is in my duty section. And this is what I know of her.

i. she isn’t’ attractive by any standards.

ii. she’s married, has been for like two months, and she’s nineteen or twenty.

iii. I have seen her in the day room sleeping on the couches with one guy or another with her head in their lamp.

iv. Her husband used to be here at TPU and always calls to check in on her. He thinks she is cheating on him.

v. There are rumors circulating that she did three different guys at this hotel and passes out bj’s like candy on Halloween.

vi. She’s ugly and immature and really really annoying.

vii. See item i.


I laughed. “Um ok. Good luck then.”

I guess they were out on the smoke deck and she said something like I have a tongue ring and I love to give blowjobs. And he replied with lets try it out. He told me all of this was aborted when he CDO walked by on his rounds. To me it was just another story of infidelity or exaggerated lies. Either way I wasn’t impressed.

“Damn” my runner said, “I’m so fucking Horney.”

This was a while later I guess they were downstairs in the laundry room just now.

I had to go over to the RTC side to pick up a new arrival. On my way out the door the runner handed me a note.

“Read it in the can he said!”


I had to log the miles into the book before I took left. Before I turned the lights out and shifted into gear I decided to pull out the little black piece of paper.

The note was written in scrawled girly loops and curves with a silver pen.

…the note read…

“You have your self a deal! Just name the time and place. I have to tell you I’ve wanted you for a while now. But I’ll still do it. -X”

So am I the only one in my age bracket who is married and wants to stay that way? My dad asked before I got married “I hope you guys haven’t bought into that whole thing where marriage is taken lightly? Getting married five or six times are you?” I told him no, but I doubt he believed me. He never does. I could show up fifteen years later in a Master Chief Petty Officer uniform and he still would not believe that this whole Navy thing is real.

Our generation is fucked. Children of the eighties were watched and not raised I was recently told. But I can’t find these answers in any book so far. Perhaps this is another example of the different world we live in than the rest of society.

I miss my wife.

I wish every one else could say the same thing about theirs, if they’re not sleeping next to them at home.


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