These letters were created by students in grades 1-5 from Little Fort Elementary School in Waukegan, IL. They wanted to send you their holiday greetings and express their gratitude for your service to our country. We hope you enjoy the letters!

this was mine

Coloured in crayon a blue border with yellow. On the bottom is a Christmas tree with a square and circle prestne and a blue door. Little butterfly and seal stamps. On the back is a red house with a jagged chimney, Santa in a sled pulled by reindeer.

“Dear friend,

Thank you for taking care of us and I

wish you a mery christmas to you

and I’m very sorry that your not

goin to selebrate Christmas with your

family. One day my dad broth (there’s a dot over the o)me

a dog and i was very scard so a

playd whit him and whons i was

taking a bath and my dog whent

to my moms bed and pid honet

and my mom hade to whas it again.

One day i whent to the beach and my

step sister almost got biten by a snake

Love Lucia”

Do you remember writting these as a kid?

I do.


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