Two days out of Juan de Fuca

17 Vernal 6

8-11 foot seas on the bow from the southwest. I managed to throw up five times before lunch. Afterward the seas subsided and the ship swayed and rolled just as much, only now more so rythmatic.

I have yet to go topside to look at the water. INMARSAT is working better than I expected. Our email seems to be coming and going at regular intervals, and we even have web access. I can’t imagine doing this in the seventies. No LAN access I could do, but no personal music? Before portable tape decks. The only books to read from the ship’s library being science fiction fantasy and Tom Clancy novels. All tripe, no good contemporary literature which is to expected considering the cultural aspect of most of the crew. No classic literature, it shows the crew’s intellectual capacity as well I suppose.

My sea legs have come around, and I’m quite sure that I’ll be staggering across land come Pearl Harbor. Someone has written on the status board in CIC: 25 slider days
11 paydays

that’s one way to look at it I suppose.
This afternoon I listen to Belle & Sebastian,
Dear Catastrophe Waitress


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