Northeast of the Hawaii Island chain

20 Vernal 6

Grace patched in the sound of whales singing onto the net today. They were humpback whales, there was four to six of them. Although I only heard them sing for less than a minute I found it very calming. This wasn’t a nineties pseudo spiritual relaxation recordings, these were whales singing back to each other live. Humpback Whales. In a relaxing sort of way it made me sad. Words cannot express the feeling. The sea is truly theirs, we are merely their intruders.

I’ve had daily existentialistic moments of clarity. In them I realize that we are all just children frustrated with our toys, establishing order to maintain commerce for a larger corporation of children. We are all out at sea pretending to be adults, at times the crew all seem so innocent. I especially notice it amongst the wardroom. In the past, during briefs I could easily visualize everyone as demons. Why do we all come out here? Why do we continue to return?

Rife was right when he said that the service is…he was right when he said those who stay in – the service is for the lazy. Throughout the day I find myself wondering what Captain James Cook would think f all this, if I could bring him here today.


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