Pearl Harbor

24 Vernal 6

After we had moored starboard side to, bow out in Pearl the crew got dressed and prepared for liberty. A second class in my berthing isle was bragging about how he was going to have a girl waiting on the pier with Starbucks. The guy below me was actually jealous. “Ah man I want some Starbucks” he whined.

Last year I had overheard two officers talking about what connoisseurs of the coffee bean they both were. “I’ve had almost every drink at Starbucks” one said to the other immediately establishing some sort of pseudo-cred pecking order. Trying so desperately to embrace the stereotype of their home port, they come off like a man who would say, “I fancy hamburgers so much, ergo I go to McDonalds.” Unfortunately I don’t believe most would see it this way and the majority couldn’t find anything wrong with either statement.


One Response to

  1. leah says:

    “Remember that restaurant we ate at that one time in Seattle? What was it called? Um…..Oh ya, Red Robin!”

    I still think they had no idea it started here. That’d be giving them too much credit.

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