Realm of the Golden Dragon

27 Vernal 6

Two nights ago we crossed the international date line into the Realm of the Golden Dragon. Now we continue to sail west somewhere between Wake and Midway Island, both of which I thought we’re a lot further west than here.

The captain told the crew of an upcoming surge In January to the same area. There are three carriers in theater. It really seems like; more than ever, we are gearing up for war. Perhaps it always will.

The captain told our division that he did not approve of our big move. The day before we had gone from six on six off, to eight on eight off. One ship one crew, or something along those lines. The division is discouraged as well as the crew, this is only week two. I have never been more eager to depart the ship in November, I already feel a bit separated from my former crew not sharing in their collective grief of such news.

Realm of the Golden Dragon


Some of the celestial things that I saw with the big eyes, standing on the port bridge wing last night at 11:30 for about five minutes:

Well defined craters and shadows on an orange setting moon.
Jupiter and three of her moons aligned toward seven o’clock
A shooting star
What I believe to be the Southern Cross


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