Caged Birds Sing for Terra Firma

Solar Day
31 Vernal 6

The temperature in the pilot house reached 92 degrees Fahrenheit. I think that if we’re ever going to implement the metric scale in our country the military might be a good place to start. After using measurements like nautical miles, fathoms, shots, cables and leagues what’s one more universal system? Soon through OPEC will start to price barrels of oil by the Euro € as apposed to the USD $, then we will have no choice but to play catch up.

During a General Quarters drill today simulated an attack from three small boats that looked like large canoes with skiffs and a shack. One of my neighbor watch standers seemed appalled by the idea of a multi million dollar ship fighting such primitive enemies. I don’t know id he thought of them as not being a worthy opponent or what, but the Christian like glazed over look on his face when he explained the answer to the US terrorist problem would be to nuke every island chain in this region. I tend to take anything he says and disregard it.

The quote of the day goes to the Strike Officer when he said, “War is Unilatteral.”


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  1. leah says:

    So sad that our country is run by such closed minded people.

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