Marianas Trench

1 Sophomore 6

Someone has taken my pen. I think it was the EWs, they’ve been notorious for thievery lately. There was a time when sailors were flagged for such acts.
My division officer was talking to himself or anyone who would listen about the differences between atheist and agnostics. I forgot what he was saying about their meanings, but no one wants to be corrected anyway, even when Webster says otherwise. I think he was saying that atheism is like a religion. I never put much stock into what he has said anyway. These are our leaders, the educated men and women of our society. He went on about how he couldn’t understand how anyone could ever be an atheist. He also mentioned wanting to study up on Islam, so as to “know your enemy” I didn’t bother responding to the idiotic generality of this. The same sailor mentioned in the previous entry came over to join his conversation. The Lieutenant went on…
“Don’t get me wrong I’d love to drop a nuke on the entire region and make a glass parking lot out of it.” And he doesn’t understand why people reject religion. They’ve made this a holy war, both sides; we just don’t admit it yet. I am a privateer for the new crusades.


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