5 Sophomore 6

Guam is hot. In April the sun’s heat defeats you more than the relative humidity. The humidity is a close contender with the sun, and at noon standing top side rover armed with weapons and a bullet proof vest there is no shade to hide in. I drank 102oz or 3000ml or almost twice your minimum daily intake of water.

The island is supposed to be over run with brown snakes although I hadn’t seen one. I did however catch a gecko, and someone else had caught a crab.

A bus took us from Arpa Harbor into Guam City. It was an over priced Japanese tourist trap. We went to a seafood restaurant where our waiter couldn’t tell us anything about the food on the menu, except that he liked crab legs and the great detail that he went into about dipping them in butter. The enthusiasm of the butter process would almost make you believe that he was passing on some island secret handed down from the elders for generations. I should also mention that there was Maine Lobster on the menu.


On our approach to the island around the north end, I was hearing interference on my HF voice circuit. I could make out chatter every once in a while and mostly steel drum music. Now almost 330 nautical miles west of that point I can still hear it behind a noisy high pitched tonal interference. The distant voices do not seem to be speaking English, but rather and almost Asian sounding dialect. I’m guessing the interference is coming from a short wave radio station from Micronesia or perhaps the Northern Mariana. I’m sure I’ll never know and it will continue broadcasting long after I’ve left the area, and most of you will probably never hear it.

Three of the ship’s sailors, on the first night got drunk and began to fight each other on closed circuit television in the parking lot of the police station. When the police came out to arrest them, two of them got down with their hands behind their heads form experience, the other tried to fight the cops. Once in custody they tried to deny their actions and became violent once they were shown the video evidence.


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