North by Northwest of Palau

6 Sophomore 6

Feeding the bureaucracy to justify our existence onboard this ship wears me out. I take for granted the information that I know; where we’re going, when we’re going to get there, or even where we’re at. This is not common knowledge amongst the crew.

We should be in the AOR by month’s end which is something to look forward to I suppose, tax free income. But again the bureaucracy grows to fulfill the bureaucracy’s needs. I am still waiting on a matter of roughly four hundred and eighty dollars. I was hoping to see it before Guam, I had planned on buying a PSP. Last night they played their first wi-fi game in berthing, from my corner I should have no problems connecting. But as expected I was not compensated when they expected. The disbursing clerk told mw a story of how it wasn’t his fault, said something about DFAS, the supply officer, and a form. He showed me a stack of papers that I can only assume had something to do with my money. Hopefully they are cheap in Malaysia and more important, compatible.


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