The Sulu Archipelago

8 Sophomore 6

Finally on station. Finally tax free. Napoleon once said that he could train an army so well that he could get them to die for scraps of ribbons. For our mission we will be getting at least two of those.

Yesterday in East Timor there were riots that killed two people. People swarmed the US Embassy for assistance departing the country. For a little bit there it looked like we were going to be tasked to the area to assist in evacuating US diplomats if need be. The BBC provided more information that our intel. After the revolution there in nineteen ninety-nine, I wonder what American’s would be doing there, I assume missionary work due to my naivety or my stereotype of evangelical Christian world politics. I also wonder how many US citizens live abroad and depend on their relationship with the embassy, and how little or much they like that.

I am tired of taking the brunt for the lack of communication between my superiors. Today was another surreal steel beach.. It started to bother me that I can never enjoy such things. Activities like that always struck me as something you do out of boredom, not in the search of recreation or enjoyment. In my head I’m singing, I’m on the archipelago and I’m waiting for you to arrive.


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