I haven’t written in a long time, and I couldn’t tell you if my analog journal is in my rack or in my drawer. Alas a package arrived from my wife to lift me out of my apathy.
The hardest part of my mail orderly collateral duty is seeing the sad unloved look on people’s faces when they ask me, “That’s all the mail?” “It is, I’m sorry.” I tell them.

I’ve stopped keeping track of the Pear Calendar.
But by everyone else’s calendar there’s just over 100 days, someone else even figured out that there was 1110001 days left hexidecimaly.

My wife’s favorite ship is out here, and we’re repeatedly tasked to protect her. There have been rumors to get us going for a while, then we slip back into routine just as quickly as we fell out of it.

Last night some were scared that we were about to go into combat. I heard someone saying this morning that he doesn’t like this and want’s to work a non stressful job on the outside, preferably bagging groceries he said. I agree that this isn’t for everyone, but I also feel that these people shouldn’t stay in over ten years like this knob had. The military is full of lame ass’ who are to afraid to get out. The worst part of the said conversation that I conviniently overheard at breakfast was that the guy who was telling it, has one of the seemingly less stressful jobs on the ship, especially in the matter of life and death. His attitude answeres so many questions from the past too. People like him should not carry or own guns. Unfortunatly I happen to know that he does.

There was East Timor, then there was nothing.
There was an Earth Quake, then there was nothing.
I try to maintain my ties to the printed word’s back home.
I’m still searching the BBC for a story of an IED killing two Philippine special force members.
I’ve heard stories of a recession back home, although it could just be isolated to the Midwest. The president and his men have said some things, old generals have spoken out, and apparently there is some fish. I only get bits and pieces of it. I don’t know how much of this is really true.


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  1. leah says:

    Ok, so how crazy is it that we are living in completely different times? I’ll try harder to keep you updated on “local” news, although now that you have an email subscription to the Seattle Times it should help.

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