My wife and I used to debate. Well we still do on a lot of things, and will probably continue to do so, on this particular matter. We’ve debated about the holocaust and the capabilities of man. She seems to think that something so horrific could never happen again. I seem to think that it can. I think that she thinks that we would know better now, I don’t remember the details of her side.

I just read Maus by Art Spiegelman. I’ve heard that is required reading in some high schools, as I think it should. In the book there were Nazi soldiers, Gestapo who would shot random Jews for daily fulfillment. There was another who would swing the children by the legs into brick walls, smashing the life from their skulls, when they screamed while boarding the trains to Auschwitz. Some were two to three years old.

Today it’s become a cliché and bad tact to jump to comparisons of Hitler. Bush is like Hitler because of this, Clinton is like Hitler because of that. There is no creativity. I look to the individual soldiers. I am quite certain that not all Nazis were inherently evil, but we mustn’t overlook the capabilities what lies beneath us all.

Already we have been sold on the idea that Muslims are the root of all that kills. My wife’s friend is convinced that teach kids to make bombs in the Seattle Mosque, and here at work the eagerness of people to so mindlessly speak of unguided destruction, I see the potential lurking below us all.

Just yesterday, the one who calls herself Catholic, who frolics at the hippie ideal said that we should just blow up this ferry because she doesn’t trust hem, and that they scare her. “How American,” I replied.

“Jew! Jew!” they screamed, “There’s a Jew in the street!” The children all ran because they were afraid. A Jew will bag you up and take you away, they were told. A Jew will take you and eat you.

When I awoke, I came up on watch only to find the new division officer selling the navy to the other watch team. They hung on his every word. I haven’t felt this kind of resentment to this ship since the yards, one year ago. So I wrote this. Now I feel fine…

Almost Zen.


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  1. leah says:

    Just so we are clear. It’s not that I do not think this could ever happen again; in fact I’m sure it does and will happen. I just can not comprehend the horror of humanity.

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