This far out our sodas are imported from…some indigenous island over run with name brand America. The can sizes decreased 7% from 355mL to 330mL. I still don’t know if domestics sized are 25mL lager because we are gluttons or just because of the aesthetically pleasing round number of 12 fluid ounces.
As shipboard economics go, as the volume of product A decreases the cost of product increases 50%, and the distance from homeland X is the sum of reason. Either way the masses complained of the price hike, and just in the fashion of societal microcosms the crew complained, and continued to buy sodas. The major change that I did see was that the buying of drinks for other watch standers mostly seized. Needing to cut the poison anyway, and unable to drink the stuff they call coffee on the ship, I’ve been drinking a lot of tea. Unfortunately the ship only offers stale Lipton tea bags and another off brand that is slightly better, but only just.
Learning that the work of loose leaf tea outweighs the benefits underway I began to seek out alliances and establish trade routes. At first I traded candy to the EWs for more tea than I expected. When the first shipments of supplies expired I rented the Outside Observer for tea. When that ran dry I lasted on Lipton again for a while. My most recent score was a gesture of good faith for father’s day, and being lucky enough for them to be burned out on Chai. Once we’re in China, I should have enough tea to last for months.
I predict that the next big black market item ship wide will be Red Bull. A prohibition of two per day was issued by the medical officer, after some people bragged about drinking three times the recommended daily amount. I was in the ship’s store and already people were mad. I haven’t seen the instruction myself, but alas I’m sure nothing will be affected


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