I bought a denim messenger bag with an image of Mao Zedong and characters saying “Working for the People” silk-screened on the front.
When I walked up to the liberty launch I was asked if I was a communist, or supported the communist, because they had to ask, and they said they should report me to NCIS. I should note that this person was drunk and most likely half joking.
With inspiration from Mr. Coupland I replied “You know that guy who stood up in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square? He made the shoes that you’re wearing?” Dumfounded he retorted “I’ll have you know that nothing that I wear was made in a sweat shop!” He took off his golf brand ball cap to show me that it was made in … CHINA! How great, I told him that tomorrow almost everything he owns will be in the trash. “No way,” he said “I’m not looking.”


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