Now we can waste energy more efficiently.

After finding a special on CFL light blulbs I was sent to Walgreens to get a few, to replace the lights that went out in the house.

flickr: jungledog  

I grabbed a few lights.  When I tried to ring them up the cashier asked me if I had seen their 19 cent CFL light bulbs.  “Where?”  I asked.  “Right behind you.”  She replied pointing to the huge display bin of light bulbs with bright yellow signage within the first fifteen feet of the door.  Something tht obvious, of course I hadn’t seen it.  “How many can I get?” 

“How many do you want?”

Quickly I moved decimal points in my head, “Twenty!”  I replied, rather too excitedly.  So I counted them out, then she counted them out, then counted out the twenty rebates slips from PUD.  She gave me my total and I reached for my money clip that I had left on my dresser at home.

Another round trip and twenty light bulbs later, I was at home replacing every bulb in my house.

The bare light on my back porch seems a little ugly.  Then I came across these amazing sculptural low-energy bulb prototypes as a reaction against the ugliness of exsiting products. 

I can’t wait.


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