So we can all become closer together through our isolation.

We bought an espresso maker for a hundred dollars that paid for itself in a week and a half.  Across the street from our previous favorite coffee stand they are tearing down the old Elk’s Lodge.  I don’t understand fraternal yearning anymore than anyone else I know, though I did pay dues for a year to Post 2100; but it is kind of sad to see something that was apparently a pretty big thing dwindled down to nothing due to lack of interest.  It’s said the reasons memberships are in decline for groups like these are longer commutes, less free time, and television.

flickr: katelibrarian

Fraternal organizations of yester-year aren’t the only clubs with low membership numbers.  Deputy Dog has made a list of “8 clubs you probably couldn’t join”.  It’s a pretty interesting spread.  It seems that even the elite brains crave to be part of some sort of secret club too.  Perhaps it all stems from acceptance issues, from band to boyscouts, mensa to masons.

So mote it be.


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