Hoping sustainability isn’t a fad.

Lighter footsteps offers: 10 first steps toward a lighter, more sustainable lifestyle.

Its discouraging that this is a list of first steps, when it should rather be things you should have already been doing. I know we all have to start somewhere, but they hype of today’s green movement is a little unsettling to me.

flickr: loush555

My sixth grade science teacher would give extra credit for using recycled paper. That was the mid nineties environmental fad. “Save the Oceans” was our cry, and the media took noticed. As time passed people stopped talking about the rain forest and since it wasn’t being covered on the news any more our fickle society assumed that the problem must have been solved. It happens all the time; causes of the moment like Autism, the Congo, Sharks, and whatever else the Today Show may buzz about. Its unfortunate that people need television to get them involved in these real problems in our world, and just as quickly become passionate, forget all about it to read the next book that Oprah’s read or engrossed in some other fear based news story. I fear that this latest environmental movement may be the same thing, though it seems to have more promise than ever to create change. The eighties replaced the seventies, and in this century American flags replaced apathy. “Green is the new red, white, and blue.” they say. It makes my skin crawl. I hate to see environmentalism exploited to nothing more than a mere advertising ploy, but I also unfortunately understand that if any progress is to be made, Americans will only follow the advice of their television sets. If you’ve read this far I imagine you’re not part of the fad.


2 Responses to Hoping sustainability isn’t a fad.

  1. Samuel Mann says:

    Good post Corey. You might like some of my posts on the faddish nature of sustainability:

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