What does Ike Turner and a woodpecker have in common?

Stationed in Georgia at the turn of the century I had a First Sergent who used to proclaim from the top of his lungs, “The woodpecker is the only animal on God’s green earth that smashes his face into a tree in order to eat!”

flickr: grundlepuck

Every weekend we would hear this, and we would also hear that we were expected to be like the woodpecker.  “Hooty Hoo!”  We would cry out with our hands on our hips in the fashion of a woodpecker bobbing back and forth.  Inevitably our woodpecker cries would lead the first sergeant to sing a chorus of Proud Mary.  “Sing it like Ike!”  he’d say, “Rollin!” in his deepest Turner voice.”Rollin!”  “Hooty Hoo!”

This was every Sunday.


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