Amp6 T-Amp: DIY Class-T Kit

I am far from an audiophile, but I do prefer to listen to my music on 180 gram vinyl. Sadly though my record collection is sitting off the floor in the garage.

flickr: Matt-Adams

Six or seven years ago I got a cheesy American DJ turntable for an unbeatable price of around thirty bucks. After eleven moves since first bought, no wonder its in the garage. The above mentioned amp does seem like a good excuse to use the soldering kit I bought a year ago and have still yet to use and bring my records inside. Now that Amazon has added the capability to buy music on vinyl there’s no better time. While I’m not going to be dropping three hundred bucks on a Technics, or even a stylus anytime soon I may end up getting a USB turntable.


One Response to DIY Amp

  1. Steven says:

    I have built the AMP6-BASIC and highly recommend it over the AMP6. It’s amazingly small and a solid little amp that just needs a wall-wart to get going. Everything is included with the BASIC and comes with ready-made inductors. And, of course, it sounds wonderful..

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