No longer on the fence.

It seems more and more as the year has passed, that I have evidently made the right decision.

And old coworker sent me this…

…I know some where in that huge brain of your[sic] you wished you would have gone to AIC school and to another ship (the LINCOLN). The carrier life is some much different then the small boy standard. You have some much freedom and you never have to stand port/strd. The watch we stand is RED CROWN. if you don’t remember what that is I can explain later…

flickr: MSHennessy

It never seizes to amaze me that you can practically live with someone, work with someone, and know someone for almost three years and that they may never comprehend who you really are. Maybe it’s my fault though.

We went to base months ago to sign a form. I took an extended lunch only to arrive on base and not be granted access, which is something I sort of expected. The pass and decal station did not have the information in their system that was faxed from my point of contact three days earlier. While I find it easier to be courteous and patient in social and professional matters like this most people with mid level authority in the military do not, and people with mid level authority make up the bulk of the service. With attitude I was told “I’m not going to let you on base because your point of contact put down tomorrow as your access date.”
“Well I’ll call her because I don’t have an appointment, I’m just supposed to come in sometime today.”
“Well I’m not going to let you on today”
So after a phone call and some time spent driving around in familiar neighborhoods we made our way back to the main gate where I was granted access. Once on base the first half of the paper work went smoothly, while the second half at another building kicked off in much a military fashion.
“Are you on leave or something?” I was asked with a snotty attitude. I knew the source of this was the sign on the door: ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL WILL BE IN UNIFORM AT ALL TIME WHILE CONDUCTING BUSINESS ON NAVSTA EVERETT. “No,” I replied “I’m not in the military any more.” With that I finished my paper work, returning to work two and a half hours after I had left, only a mere hour and a half than I anticipated.

It’s a wonder that we win wars and have risen to the world power that we have become when the gears and widgets making up the machine cannot efficiently perform their job

My experience on base was not an isolated incident, but a great microcosm of my seven years off military service.


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