Lost Season 4

…The sixteen-episode fourth season of the US serial drama television series Lost will begin airing on January 31, 2008 and will conclude (pending resolution of the WGO strike) in May 2008. It continues the stories of a group of more than forty people who have been stranded on a remote island in the South Pacific, after their airplane crashed ninety-three days prior to the beginning of the season, while they are assailed by a group of dangerous island inhabitants they call the “Others” and attempt to escape the mysterious island. Episodes will continue to feature secondary story lines showing points in characters’ lives before and after their time on the island…

complete article: here

We’re approaching the end of the year and I’m beginning to hear more and more about the upcoming season of Lost. I felt that Lost has been the best program on television in years, and easily in the top ever. But like everything good marketing will inevitably destroy it. Season three was a great example of this, taking extended breaks throughout the season to the point where they advertised showing the last ten or so episodes in a row like it was something special and no longer an industry norm. The Simpson’s season starts later and later no airing its Halloween special as the season opener in November.

The networks wonder what happened to their lost demographic and turn to the Internet as a scape goat for lost revenue. But when they continually air crap and focus on creating television events that will no doubt not last half a season, setting out to make a quick buck then create anything with substance, its no wonder their writers are on strike and ratings are down.

Though I still have lost withdrawal symptoms for a season I will undoubtedly be frustrated with, cursing to not watch the next season with each rerun. Until then here are some links to keep you going.

Lost Island Map 

The Lost Panel

The Lost Review

Oceanic Flight 815

Dharma Industries


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