This recent’s best.

Here are some of the best post I’ve come across in my feed reader from the past few days.

Full of financial education, year end reflections,  anti environment protection, and the woes of hyper consumerism.

Six Invaluable Online Resources For Personal Finance Education: Simple Dollar

…Here’s the cream of the crop of online resources for personal finance education…

 The Freeze Yer Buns Challenge: The Green Daily

…challenging yourself to see how “low you can go” with your thermostat. The challenge on the blog started back in October, but there are still lots of months of heating ahead of us in many parts of the country!…

20 Questions to Help You Reflect the Past Year: lifehack

…ow we are approaching the end of the year, and it’s the perfect time to reflect how we have done in the past year. We can then take some lessons for the new year…

Bush Administration Plans to Remove Protection from Colorado’s National Forests: NRDC

…The Bush administration revealed today its intentions to remove existing legal protections from over 4.4 million acres of roadless areas in the national forests of Colorado. The Forest Service formally announced that it is beginning a process to establish a new rule for managing Colorado’s roadless areas. The public was given 60 days to submit comments…

When the Center Collapsed: Ad Busters

…aves of euphoria, waves of despair… day by day, we come to realize that the simplest, most elegant solution to living in a warming world is to rethink freedom, rethink the idea that each one of us has the God-given right to drive to the supermarket, fly to Mexico on a whim and keep our living spaces toasty warm all winter…


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