How not to ride your bike to work.

I live 2.1 miles from where I work.  There is no reason that I should ever have to drive.  After pining to ride to work for a long time, I decided to make the trek.  Ever wonder how not to bike to work on an easy twenty minute ride?

flickr:  silver turtle

First go to Target three years ago and buy a Schwinn Jaguar 7 speed beach cruiser, the kind with wide tires making it completely useless anywhere off a board walk.  It also helps that this model is heavy and weighted down.  But hey it looks cool.

Second whine and complain that you don’t have a Trek to make your 7 mile commute to work while the Schwinn sits in the garage with a broken chain from that time you tried to ride that trail down big gulch behind the library.

Third take the chain off of your wife’s matching Jaguar and put it on yours.  Ride around a few times in the late summer and tell your self that you can make the commute on this bike.

Fourth take a job closer to home convincing yourself it will be great because you can finally ride your bike to work.  Then don’t ride your bike to work blaming it on the midnight shift.

Fifth accept that no matter which twelve hour shift you work it will always be dark when you start and end the shift.

Sixth decide about an hour before going to bed that you’re going to ride to work the next day, set your alarm for 4:34.

Seventh ride.

I didn’t wear a helmet today and I won’t tomorrow and I really know I should.  Maybe next week.  I also wear black to work and today I wore a green Michigan State hooded sweatshirt under a dark brown wind breaker.  I also know I should have had a light, or at least some sort of reflective clothing.  Tomorrow perhaps.  Next time I will refrain from eating scrambled eggs, cereal, juice, and coffee right before I head out.

I will also give myself five to ten minutes more to get there.

One Response to How not to ride your bike to work.

  1. Kiley says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’ll keep them in mind when I finally CAN ride a bike to work! 😉

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