Not the safest way to ride in to work.

Well my better judgment won out in a battle of wits, which lead me to driving to work this morning.  It’s hard enough riding a bike with a bullet proof vest on, but taking unnecessary risks makes it even worse.  After proof reading yesterday’s entry it became abundantly clear to me how stupid it was to ride to work with no lights, wearing the darkest possible clothes, and no helmet.

So in keeping with riding my bike to work I’m going to have to at least get a light.  I know I can get a Schwinn to match my bike for about twenty bucks.  Who knows maybe after a few more rides I’ll even get a helmet…

…ok so I just re-read that last sentence and pictured getting hit by a car and the news reporting that “The rider mentioned on his blog that he’d get a helmet after a few more rides.”  So fine, common sense wins again, I’ll splurge and get the helmet too.  I still feel guilty for not riding today, though I shouldn’t.

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