Ad agency JWT says blue will be the new green – Green Daily

Ad agency JWT says blue will be the new green – Green Daily

So if blue is the new green and green was the new red white and blue and red white and blue was the new was it white?  Which was the new black or was it that 50 was the new 40?  Catch phrases and mass marketing make my head spin.  But apparently your not truly green unless your blue.  I keep telling myself that this new environmental movement is for the best and that the masses are too stupid to do anything of their own accord without television commercials or their minister telling them what to do, but the whole thing makes me cringe when I hear emerging buzz words like green collar jobs.

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When I was in middle school my science teacher offered something like 10% extra credit, or maybe it was two on our assignments if they were done on recycled paper.  Saving the rain forrest, the ozone, recycling, and laser disks were all the fad.  Eventually though the news stopped covering the environmental crisis and as Barry Glassner suggests in his book “The Culture of Fear” the less media coverage it got the more people assumed it the problem was fixed.

What I see happening with this new blue/green enviromental movement is a shift in marketing and consumerism from “Look honey I bought something!”  to “Look honey I bought something blue/green, and you didn’t!”  Will there be an elitist rise in shallow arm chair enviromental activism?  As long as the Today Show and Oprah keep pushing it I’d say it will be around until as late as next November, when we’ll see a huge peak before the elections.  Once the votes are miscounted and recounted again and the ticker tape falls the new enviromental movement will quietly step aside for the new trends of 2009.

I want it to stay I really do.  But if people remain disconnected from the idiocy of buying blue/green products in major box stores like Wal*Mart and Target how could I possibly see this lasting?  Please…tell me I’m wrong.

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