Better than spinning a globe really fast and slapping it to a stop with your finger

When I was a kid I used to spin the globe around as fast as I could stopping it randomly with my finger convinced of my new determined residence. Doing this always landed me in the Northern Hemisphere, and three out of four times in the Pacific Ocean.

Find Your Spot seems to be a bit more accurate if only on the surface. Going through eight or so pages it will figure out what location best suits you as well as any internet website can. My number one place was Salem Oregon, actually most of my picks were in Oregon, a few in Wisconsin, and my number two was Anchorage Alaska.

Growing up I always heard people dream of one day moving to California when they grew up. Somehow that left over cliche’ from American Culture still attracts thousands of people there every year. I remember the first time I went to Hollywood I felt how disappointed all of those young dreamers will be and always have been. Just because I didn’t dream of the golden land of California doesn’t mean I was eager to set anchor in suburban Detroit either. Since I was in my early teens I always wanted to move to Oregon, and in a method probably similar to spinning a globe I determined that I wanted to live in Astoria. As I grew up I learned that movies like The Goonies, Kindergarden Cop, and more recently The Ring 2 were filmed there. This hasn’t deterred me from wanting to move there…well maybe it has because for the past three years I’ve lived less than four hours away and have yet to visit. But I’ve moved on, like I so often fickly do. Amazing that Anchorage was my number two, since I’ve had my eyes set there for a few years now.

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