The New Religion of Eco-Fundamentalism

I don’t know how long it will be available for viewing, but I came across an interesting article from The Globalist.  It’s a  quick read that breaks down three dangers of “eco-fundamentalism.”

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The first being so caught up in our own rhetoric, getting carried away with anti-Americanism/Bush that nothing good comes about.

The second is its impact on a global economy and not allowing developing countries to fully embrace capitalism in order to comply with emission standards.

And third is embraicng Eco-fundamentalism in such a way that any reasonable questioning of the movement is blasphemy. 

Which sounds familier, much like those who speak out against the war or question the governments actions are haters of freedom and liberty.


2 Responses to The New Religion of Eco-Fundamentalism

  1. pete says:

    Sooooooo Im not alone after all! Here in no. cal, eco fundamentalism seems to be spreading at an alarming rate. their mantra is “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”

  2. “question the governments” are not what these people are doing. They loathe the men and women in uniform. They hate the government, they mock the soldiers; they spit on the souls of those who died for their right to even spit.

    Urban out.

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