A little recession goes a long way.

Mark Shead at Productivity501 writes that the best time to look for a job is when you don’t need one. I know I interview a lot more confidently when I have less to lose. It also seems like I apply to more jobs that I feel are beneath me when I absolutely need to be working. I’m still trying to settle into a career but it seems one of the worst mistakes I’ve made was to ever stop looking just because I was on my feet again.

Scobliezer has a good article aimed at what to do if your laid off. The thing that stuck out to me the most in his post was how people’s attitude toward the layoff affected how long it took them to rebound. Specifically those who went on vacation or used the time to just hang out took longer to find a new job. I’m still undecided on how useful this would be in an economy like Michigan, where everything is tied to one decaying industry. Even here in the northwest where we still like to boast a strong and resilient economy a national recession would affect everybody. I talked to a union steward at Boeing who told me once, “If you work here for twenty years, you’re guaranteed to be laid off twice and go on strike at least once.”

It’s no wonder a person our age will change careers on average five times in the span of their life. We have seen people dedicate the better portion of their live’s loyal to one employer only to be forced into early retirement in the last few years of their career for a fraction of the pension they’d worked for. Loyalty requires equal roles, anything less would be submission or assimilation.

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