The woas of a financial consumer and how to make up for them at tax time.

I’m still waiting on my last W-2 in order to file my taxes this year and tax rebates are expected later this spring. I started seeing commercials for tax refund anticipation loans a few weeks ago. It’s sad and disgusting that companies will not only offer such a thing, but that people will also buy into it. We are approaching the closest think we’ll have to a national primary and interests are waning against the war and more toward the condition of the economy. I wonder how we as American’s can ever hold our representatives accountable for such things when the average household credit card debt flirts with ten grand. Our president tells us to go shopping when times are bad, and people actually listened. “Let the good times roll!” became their patriotic mantra, as the slammed down their credit cards to fight those freedom hating terrorists. As market bubbles have collapsed around the country people are beginning to walk away from their homes, soon this will become the social norm. While I do have empathy for those struggling to pay of their double ARMs each month I find it difficult to have sympathy. Had I bought a home several years ago when my credit was sub prime charmed by the American dream of buying more house than I could afford I would be struggling today as well. And while the loans were out there, because people will always loan you money I did the responsible thing and waited. It does not take an economist to understand that sub prime lendings were a bad idea. I wonder how consumers are to ‘learn their lesson’ if the government should back them out of this. Sure the mortgage industry is corrupt and predatory lending is wrong, but at what point will we start holding consumers accountable for their choices?

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