Monkey Boiled Alive at Everett Facility

Monkey Boiled Alive at Everett Research Lab.

KIRO News reports that a Macaque Monkey was boiled alive last November at the SNBL primate lab in Everett WA. 

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I understand the need for animals in pharmaceutical testing, but when something like this happens we need to reevaluate what we’re doing and how we go about it.    

I first heard about the primate research facility a few years after I moved here.  I was always curious where it was at and was told that the location was pretty hush hush.  I doubt that was really the case because once I knew the name of the place,  6605 Merrill Creek Pkwy, Everett, WA 98203, was pretty easy to find. 


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4 Responses to Monkey Boiled Alive at Everett Facility

  1. Ryter says:

    Something fishy? Is this another cow story?

    Has SNBL got a chance to defend itself or is there something else here?

  2. Corey says:

    Good link on journalistic ethics. All journalism depends on sensationalism does it not? While this is no excuse for Chris Halsne’s conflict in 2003, his efforts do not diminish the community’s responsibility for understanding what is happening in our own back yard. After meeting several people who work for SNBL myself this story does not surprise me. I hope I am not in the minority of people, that do not need the tactics of investigative reporting in order to question the ethics of primate testing methodology.

  3. Seattle says:

    I once worked at SNBL, and while I did not like it there, I can tell you for certain, this is all about ratings, not reality. The “whistleblower” was fired for incompetence. BEFORE the incident. The guilty for the death were fired. They were HER choices for employees. Trained by her. And they all refused drug testing after the incident. There are no open investigations on SNBL. ALL animal facilities are watched carefully (on the “hot list”) by the USDA.
    Only truly stupid people buy this story. It would be bad business for the type of abuse listed by these vindictive malcontents. And with SNBL, it is all about the bottom line. No way they would risk losing clients.
    No, these people who are “coming forward”, all were proven incompetent, and fired or told to resign. And all this is one journalist (who has lost slander suites before) trying to make a name, and some very nasty people who want to get even with the company that booted them.

  4. Corey says:

    Thank you for sharing your insight. While there is no doubt a mentality of “for ratings” on this story as there is with any news story, especially those found on the front page, and headline news. The fact is that the incident did happen. The rest of it doesn’t matter. News media is 80-90% spin as it is. Sifting through the story that lead from the November incident it still raises concerns of our society’s addiction to overmedication, and the price we pay for it. Animal testing in a local primate research lab for what? To enable the richest of the community a better night of medicated sleep, or an anxiety free afternoon while the rest of the world suffers more pressing issues? The pharmaceutical industry is an invasive disgusting presence in our lives, this story is just another angle of that.

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