Finding Binoculars for Birding.

I’ve been hiking and camping through out the Central Cascades since I’ve first moved here nearly four years ago, I have even managed to make it out to the Olympics.  I rediscovered how much I loved the outdoors while I was stationed in Maine, years after I had given up on the Boy Scouts after realizing that an atheist could never really abide by the twelfth point of the scout law.  A discussion that I am still ok with almost a decade later, despite how close I was to becoming Eagle.  Obtaining one of the highest ranks in a religious organization that excludes children based on their sexual orientation would carry a heavier burden on my soul than any lost achievements.

flickr:  TopTechWriter

Excited about the upcoming season, my oldest son being old enough to take on tougher outings, and my wife’s confession of her desire to summit Rainier, I eagerly await the equinox.  I bought an Audubon field guide this morning for the Pacific Northwest as a self present.  My wife perplexed on what to get me for my upcoming birthday and I somehow decided to get binoculars.  More for the family, she had wanted to get into bird watching earlier last year and my oldest son loves going out on hikes and hunt as he calls it, when he brings along his book of animals hoping to see a tiger in the wetland preserve near Boeing.

I’m feeling inspired by the ranting essays of David Gessner I will arm myself with my upcoming binoculars and filed guide and take to the Cascades and shores to identify every 483 different bird species in Washington.

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