Guilty Pleasure: The End of the World.

Robert Talbert at Casting Out Nines recently recommended watching Jericho as it is nearly the only television he watches. With all of the previews and views of a post apocalypse future, I took the bait with a little help from happening across a marathon yesterday and catching the first three episodes. I have a weakness for the whole end of the world theme. My wife says it’s because I’m a guy, I like to think there’s something more to it, but I doubt it and she is probably right.





I read somewhere once that people will have nightmares if the ambient temperature exceeds eighty degrees. I can offer no proof of this. Years ago though when I was conducting desert training in the army while working nights I had nightmares every afternoon while I slept. Perhaps it was the recent disappointment of Y2K, or maybe it was the constant machine gun fire and percussion grenades exploding out of my tent, but nearly everyone of those nightmares involved the end of the world. I had also just read Douglas Coupland’s Girlfriend in a Coma and discovered an eerie abandoned toxic waste land fill that reminded me of the book.

I was hoping that Jericho would quell my sci-fi craving brought on by the lack of Battle Star Galactica, but after watching today’s episode I doubt it will. A while back these guys I worked with tried to get me into Battle Star but I refused thinking it would probably be the most horrible thing on television. A few months later I found out they were right and have been addicted ever since. We have been waiting so long for season three to come out on DVD and it looks like it might actually happen next month. Watching Jericho online is not as pleasant as catching up on Lost due to the lack of full screen viewing. There are a lot of similarities between Jericho and BSG in that most of the characters are horrible actors. But aside from maybe Star Wars and Quantum Leap isn’t that par for the Sci-Fi course? Another similarity in the two, is that frankly I don’t care what happens to the characters. I find myself more intrigued with the bigger picture of the story and feel that the character development and side stories that make shows like Lost phenomenal, rather obstructive. So I will give the show a few more goes. I don’t know if I have it in me to actually dedicate anymore time into another show. One is bad enough.

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2 Responses to Guilty Pleasure: The End of the World.

  1. Robert says:

    You’re right about the online viewing difference between LOST and Jericho. That full-screen viewer that ABC uses is outstanding (although the streaming HD makes my Macbook heat up to about the level of a coffee maker).

  2. […] time at home this week watching season 1 of LOST at ABC’s website. Corey at Ubiquitously notes the huge quality difference between ABC’s online video player, which streams HD video […]

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