Why shouldn’t it be blended?

Another reason why I love the internet.

While there is still a lot of philosophical debate about whether or not network technology is driving us apart as a society, I cannot help continuing to express my adoration.  I’ve been obsessed with Linux for years, yet I have never used it.  For the past year or more I’ve been intrigued with Ubuntu; saving every blog clipping I come across, regretting every old burned out PC I’ve thrown away.  I fantasise about running Ubuntu on my next laptop, but I am constantly in love with my Mac.  Seriously in love with it, probably more than my cat.

In an attempt to change my mind about Ubuntu I searched for “why switch to Ubuntu”.  I came across this blog which eventually led me to finding the above video.  Entertaining and pointless all the same.  It reminded me of the endless Chuck Norris facts ad naseum on our last deployment.  So I wanted to thank Jon Barnhardt for making cubicle dwelling seem a lot more bearable than I remembered it.  Though I’m sure I’ll end up continuing my love affair with OS X, I hope one day I’ll jump on the band wagon.

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Will it Blend?

We were scared long before the technology came along.


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