Lung Cancer Gene Identified

My wife and I were talking today about how annoying it when people will say to us, “I know you don’t believe in god but…”

It’s not a big deal for us to not believe in god, and this isn’t something that we even think of everyday. My sister in law said the reason behind this is that their religion is often so in your face that they assume we must not think of or anti think of god as much as they do think of theirs.

It will inevitably go on. Though we never would I thought it would be funny that if anytime I shared interesting things of science or technology or something I started the sentence with, “I know you believe in god but,”

So here is my first opportunity to do so.

I know you believe in god but they found the genes linked to increased risk of developing lung cancer.

“A research team … [has] identified two inherited genetic variations (SNPs) on chromosome 15 associated with increased risk of lung cancer for smokers and former smokers. Individuals who have ever smoked and who have one or two copies of either of these SNPs have increased risks ranging from 28% to 81% of developing lung cancer.”

Link: Genetics and Health


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