Removing the pretense from wine, or perpetuating it I don’t know.

flickr: katieg7

I may never be able to remove the pretense associated with wine, but boy I sure do love sharing a good bottle here and there. After drinking homemade wine from my neighbor’s shed for a few years I eventually turned twenty-one and took to drinking Yellow Tail Shiraz. I was happy to have found my varietal at such a young age, until one Thanksgiving in southern California when I discovered Pinot Noir. It’s been a downward spiral since. I find it inevitable that the longer I enjoy wine the more and more each indulgence will set me back. Once happy with a seven dollar bottle of wine, I moved on to ten and twelve dollars. Aside from a short stint with the novelty of Two Buck Chuck, the dollars at best move in a lateral if not exponential direction. Last night I had my first thirty dollar bottle, and as with each step along this delicious and often hazy journey I may not be able to go back. My only hope is that some guy I spent a mid-watch with one summer night on the shores of Port Gardner Bay was right when he said, “The difference between a ten and twenty dollar bottle of wine is amazing. The difference between a twenty and a two hundred bottle is non existent.” He actually wouldn’t finish the statement and would make some sort of motion with his hand indicating null as he walked away self indulged in his cleverness. I’ve written about a lot of the wines I’ve drank on my many failed start up blogs in years past. On the tails of joining yesterday’s social network I opted to join Cork’d, a wine reviewing networking site similar to yesterdays site about books.

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