One swallow does not a summer make.

With this past weeks weather breaking records for latest snow fall in a year for this region it was inevitable comments against global warming. Comments like,
“pfft Global Warming? Yea right!”
“So much for Global Warming.”
And my favorite, “I want to see somebody tell me about global warming while it’s snowing like this!”

The Blue Marble

source: nasa

So I took their challenge. Instead of going on about the elementary differences between climate and weather I simply stated. “It’s hard to argue with scientific facts.” The reply sounded more like partisan talking points than the base for any reasonable argument. After giving in I ended up talking about the research methods to which my carpool driver replied, “I just don’t buy it.”

Despite any facts or evidence presented people like this will never believe in Climate Change. They probably would have been the same people arguing that the world was flat and may have even led the mob in crucifying those offering evidence to the contrary. Perhaps they feel insecure about this elitists attitude of science, and revel in the opportunity to put their adversaries in their place at the drop of snow.

“The problem with people who just don’t buy it are that their opinion is based in the fear of some grand socialist conspiracy.”

Scientist are the modern pagans in the eyes of the church. When the Church could not convert the pagans to their side, they instead chose to turn their gods into saints. Suddenly the Catholic Church became engulfed in pagan tradition and ritual. Shamrocks used to explain the trinity, resurrection celebrations celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox replace the celebration of fertility.

It has become apparent that religion and science will not be able to convert the other so a compromise is trying to be made. Pseudo science is being offered as proof of the divine in the form of intelligent design and now Laminin. I’m losing faith that this conversation is worth having anymore from either side of the fence. Resolve cannot exist when either side aims to consume all.

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5 Responses to One swallow does not a summer make.

  1. anewpairofeyes says:

    I haven’t quite finished reading it yet, but I’ve recently been digging into the Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck. His thesis is that science is isomorphic to the mythical traditions, and the materialist world view is a major factor responsible for pulling the planet apart leaving us in this situation that we’re in.

    Have you heard of it?

  2. Corey says:

    I haven’t heard of it but I’ve read similar books asking the same question of “what we’re rushing toward.” I am inclined to check it out though I am admittedly skeptical of an author who professes “experimentation with a little-known hallucinogenic drug called dripropyltryptamine (DPT), are striking for their lucidity: “For several weeks after taking DPT, I picked up flickering hypnagogic [sic] imagery when I closed my eyes at night … In one scene, I entered a column of fire rising from the center of Stonehenge again and again, feeling myself pleasantly annihilated by the flames each time.”

    I don’t agree that we’re heading toward a more spiritual time in our existence as a species. Spirituality has always been firing throughout history from our temporal lobes. Our immediate access to information in modern times only makes it seem as if this were some new phenomenon. When the world once again does not end as we know it in 2012 at the end of the Mayan calendar, some other craze will no doubt rush to fill it’s place whether it in the form of mysticism, religion, or a concoction of both.

    Check out Prometheus Rising and tunnel realities, keeping in mind that the thinking brain thinks and the proving brain proves. So long as you believe that “science is isomorphic to the mythical traditions, and the materialist world view is a major factor responsible for pulling the planet apart leaving us in this situation that we’re in,” you will always find evidence to support it. And so long as those who believe other wise will always find evidence of the contrary.

  3. anewpairofeyes says:

    Science, for all its beauty and splendor, came as a part of a major consciousness revolution that happened some hundreds of years ago.

    Its been my experience that reason and rationality are great, but that they are not the highest faculties within our minds.

    I think RAW would have plenty to say of those who are robotized into the rationalist reality tunnel.

    I’m only a little ways into Quetzalcoatl, but it seems like the author isn’t one for rejecting all that science has to offer, but rather that the next step includes what we’ve learned from it, but also gives credence to the subtler layers of reality as well.

  4. Corey says:

    What do you suggest as being the highest faculty of our minds? And what are the more subtle layers of reality? I was intrigued by Carl Jung’s heavy emphasis on the balance of harmony between science, logic, and spirituality. How does Pinchbeck suggest going about this?

  5. anewpairofeyes says:

    Well, spirit is all encompassing, yet also immanent. I would say that the self is infinite when it comes to recognize its connection to spirit.

    So I would say that spirit is beyond mind, and to connect mind to spirit can include science and logic, yet transcend it.

    I’m still working on the book, but it seems to me that Pinchbeck is suggesting the current catastrophe is a challenge that we are creating for our selves, a pile of ashes for heightened consciousness to arise from.

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