Twitter: Completely Asinine

Do you ever get the feeling that ten years from now whatever pop culture icons you partake in will be mocked on a VH1 I ❤ the aught’s? Twitter is one of those. Twitter’s popularity seems to be rallying in the wake of Twitter Novels written by Japanese school girls. My reader has been flooded with people who are afraid they’ve missed out on the next web 2.0 function. People give the most obscure tasks to Twitter that end up overcomplicating the end result. Stop reinventing the wheel. I created a Twitter account earlier this year in response to a hyper blogging and over information discussion to connect to a class blog. Since then I have sporadically updated it here and there. Most recently I started recording everything I eat. The fact is I’m lazy and didn’t feel like setting up another journal to help cut refined sugar from my diet. So maybe Twitter isn’t as useless after all, but how it’s any better than carrying the hipster Moleskin or uploading my eating routine to Google docs or something is beyond me. I have no intent to share my Twitter information with anyone nor do I care to read about anyone else. As I write this I removed my Twitter link from the side bar.

Luke at Daily Bits shows us how to lose faith in humanity through Twittervision 3D. Check it out then unconnected yourself and do something outside. I’m going running.

…Twittervision 3D is an incredible application, a rotating three dimensional Earth updated with live twitters, moments after they happen from around the world. There’s a flat 2D version as well, but it doesn’t truly get across the scale of the project – a simple website representing how we’ve connected vast swathes of humanity together, roping a species together with technology and innovation until one voice has the power to reach the globe. And then you see somebody use that voice to say “Just put ketchup on my ice-cream LOLLOL“. And you realize we’ve got ways to go yet….


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