Stream music with the Wii.

I was looking back over a tutorial on how to play iTunes on the Wii. Based on a lot of negative feedback in the comments it occurred to me that I might be able to stream music via the Wii Opera browser from With a quick try I found that you can. It’s an easy way to stream music over the internet though when your using your neighbor’s open wifi connection like I am the speed tends to be a little slow.

flickr: pa gillet

Haven’t heard of ?

I signed up for a while back and never really got into it. It basically tracks the music you listen to through what it calls scrobbling. You can follow your listening habits on a profile page. It never seemed like anything more than an egotistical web 2.0 application designed for those of us who compulsively put everything about ourselves on the internet for the sure pleasure of doing it. Once I started working behind a cubicle all day however I started to love for it’s simplicity. I had set up a dynamic DNS in order to stream my music from home at work. This proved to be a little overkill for what I needed it for and I started actively adding my music to my playlist at where I could listen to anywhere.

Still need instructions?

If you really want to listen to music on your Wii I imagine the best way would be to put the files directly on an SD card. But since you insist on doing things for the sake of their actions here goes.

1. Go to last fm and install the plug in.
2. Listen to your music and add things to your playlist as the songs play.
3. Point your Wii browser to
4. Log in.
5. Play your playlist.
6. Enjoy knowing that you have once again overcomplicated things. Way to think pragmatically.


2 Responses to Stream music with the Wii.

  1. nicola says:

    it doesn’t work anymore

  2. Jrmr says:

    Thanks 4 tip

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