The Kra-Sue was first described to me a few years ago during a mid watch conversation amidst our deployment to South East Asia. What was lost in translation that night had us in tears and stomach cramps from laughing so hard. A friend of ours was a former Thai Monk and told the story like this…

“If you steal the food from a Buddha the Kra-Sue monster will come after you. It’s a mouth with testicles hanging down that flies around chasing you.” The more he explained it the more I tried to maintain composure, the more difficult it was. When the watch officer came over and saw the diagram that was drawn of teeth with squiggly lines dangling beneath. Once he laughed I lost control. The flying testicle monster was finally cleared up when we realized that he meant intestines rather than testicles. I’ve heard of a lot of ghosts and monsters that deployment, most of which I figured were made up versions of his childhood. The other day I came across the above video as if it were made for me.


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