How Cops Really Want to Police

flickr: jk farms
Freakonomics: How Cops Really Want to Police

My Philosophy teacher introduced me to Freakonomics last year. Since then I have loved the sequence covering HBO’s The Wire, and have even bought Edward Conlon’s Blue Blood from a recommendation.

Though I disagree with the legality and ethics of the mentioned police tactics, I had to share what one of the comments had to say that I felt was particularly interesting.

Most folks don’t appreciate the psychologically caustic environment that police, particularly those on the street in dense urban areas, have to deal with day in and day out. It’s easy to be on the outside and judge, and most of them do have a gritty quality that rubs folks the wrong way, but that is the same quality that enables them to perform a very necessary function for society.
If you dont believe me, go work in a slaughterhouse for a week killing animals three times your body mass. When you can’t walk through a meat isle at the grocer without a sense of recollection, you will have an tangible example of what I mean.
-Crazy Cooter


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