Dare I say that Moleskin’s are over rated?

It took three weeks for my Moleskin to fall apart. In the future I may still get next year’s planner, unless of course I pick up an iphone along the way. I was really looking forward to my Moleskin since I have a variety of once blank notebooks from over the years. The cover of my Moleskin separated from the spine and I was always a little embarrassed to pull it out, as the whole thing seemed rather showy.

flickr: theilr

For years I have gotten along quite well carrying a green wheel book in my pocket. Now I use a tawdry spiral pocket notebook. I go through one about every two weeks. In the navy I went through a green wheel book every month. So thank you Mr. Hemingway but I’ll actually stick to the low end mass produced product today.

Now that my Criminal Law mid-term is past, it’s time to start focusing on the barrage of upcoming mid terms and finals in the next few weeks. I like rewriting my notes and find that it does help. Despite what some may say about the use of time it works for me.

I liked Tim Ferriss’ How to Take Notes Like an Alpha-Geek especially the indexing method which particularly helps during study sessions.
Going back over this old Life Hacker Post I am intrigued with the Cornell Note Taking Method. Most of our instruction blocks are done through lecture supplemented with horrible power points. Learning objectives are emphasized for upcoming celebrations of knowledge, and there are given margins to take notes in. The problem is transporting the gargantuan binder that gets heavier with each passing day. Life Hacker also provides a good example of this method. I imagine it will smoothly integrate between my two separate methods of notes.
via: Life Hacker


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