Homeschooling is even ineffective in lab rats.

Liesureguy has posted an article about a study on lab rats and the effects of separation from their families in their infancy and its effect on our personalities.

I’ve always been opposed to homeschooling.

I worked with a lot of home schooled and home schoolers in the military. While most of them were good people, I haven’t met one who wasn’t socially awkward and sometimes even debilitating. The last time I talked with one of them we had a long conversation about it where he asked me what I felt he was missing out on. I told him that it was all of the negative things in high school like bullies, test and teacher anxiety, and talking to girls.

According to this report, “found that across repeated sessions of competition, novelty-exposed rats decreased their release of stress hormones into the bloodstream, suggesting that they adapted faster to the stressful situation.” seems to fit right in.

Home schooling is no better a solution to raising our children than is mindlessly dropping them off at school and relying on other people to take of them. The solution lies somewhere in the harmony of active parenting in a community setting.


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