I heard this the other day while circling the Olympics on the 101. Broadcasting from a Canadian radio station I figured it was respectively a canadian band. The song no doubt sounds a lot like Cake, which I went through a phase of listening throughout high school. The flowing rap has a a modern feel to it. When I came home the next day the song was still in my head and I looked it up on the reliable you-tube. Since then I’ve listened to it once a day. At work to I started singing the open lyrics, and immediately got a response of disgust. “I hate that song!” and “My boy friend always sings that, I can’t stand it!”
I don’t care, the more I listed to it the more I like it, despite its overwhelming 90s stench, which my wife will attribute to it’s appeal for me. As I write this I hit play for a third time. It’s anti war lyrics, though sophomoric appeal to me, which remind me of this song.


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