Place Spotting: Passive geocaching

13 July 2008

During the long hours of night watch on open ocean transit we used to play a game with our navigation system. Zooming into some obscure part of the world at a range of two nautical miles the player would try to guess the location as we zoomed further and further out. Lame as it was it passed the time. Sadly the game got old after about once. Luckily there’s now the Google Earth Geo Map Quiz. A Google Earth puzzle where you try to find and match obscure areal photos using a few almost passive geocaching like clues.

Place Spotting


Watch Out Benny Goodman: Clarinet Playing Robots

26 June 2008

From: Boing Boing

There is a special spot in my heart for any robot/droid that can play the clarinet. Growing up my parents were big fans of grounding me. Weekends, months, summers what ever. One of the summers that I was grounded I learned to play my sisters clarinet. After about an hour of trying to get the padding on my fingers correct on the holes I was able to play the Quantum Leap theme song.

Admitting to both of these things I automatically lose 12 cool points.

Zap Rowsdower

31 May 2008

What I love about the internet and especially Youtube, is finding other people’s cutting and pastings of my same obsessions scattered throughout the hyper text and script. All too often in pop culture we forget our infatuations that feel as our own are in fact shared by potentially millions of people. Unless of course you’re into American Idol or something, then of course you probably wouldn’t understand at all what I’m talking about.

I have officially switched to Thunderbird

18 May 2008

flickr: flod

Since I’ve gotten my macbook Apple Mail 3.2 on OS X Jaguar has been spotty at best when trying to send mail through the gmail servers. I spent several hours last night troubleshooting and buried in message boards. I know its not the servers because my wife can still send gmail via Apple Mail 3.0 on Tiger. I downloaded Thunderbird and it works perfectly. Since I’ve just about replaced every other software with open source versions I’m now looking into a new alternative to iTunes which I may have found in Songbird.


Open Source Mac

The Easiest Way to Download and Save You Tube Video.

18 May 2008

I needed to find a way to send this video to a friend of mine in the gulf. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to watch it. I assume because of bandwidth restrictions on INMARSAT. The above video helped me save video’s from Youtube that I can email.

USS Lincoln Enters Persian Gulf
Deployment of second carrier to Gulf a ‘reminder’: Gates