We may never know who the last cylon is but…

8 July 2008

After a dissapointing season and series finally it’s not until this guy posts a video on Youtube that I get closure. I actually had to go back and listen to assure myself that they weren’t actually singing the words “Battlestar Galacitca

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Addicted to painful looking X Rays.

8 July 2008

I particularly love the Xray images that immediately follow the holidays, whichever they may be.

Check out what can happen to your hand when you fail to release the firecracker from your hand.

Have a Safe Fourth


2 July 2008

Human beings by nature are social animals. In my previous profession I found myself surrounded by the proclaimed A type personalities. I my self have never identified well with that spectrum. Though I tend to be outgoing and personable, I find the whole macho thing rather disconcerting. Following my separation from military service I found myself embedded in the cubicle office culture of the aerospace industry. Surrounding my three grey walls were the desks of aerospace engineers. Still, I enjoyed the silence, the NPR, and the jazz in the bathrooms I could not get over the extreme lack of social skills. Thus the B type personalities. I always figured that I had become more aggressive, assertive, and more masculine in my twenties due to father hood and war. I always assumed that I would eventually settle back into the more easy going passive self I was before. Apparently I am neither completely A or B, which like many things in life tends to be a bit more pragmatic.

In my new profession I find many similarities between myself and coworkers. There are those too aggressive and some a bit reserved, but all in all there seems to be a great balance. The other day I realized how much I appreciated saying good morning to people and actually have them return they greeting and make solid eye contact, a feat seldom accomplished in an office environment. Surrounded by people with solid social skills is new to me. There are still the few in lacking, and a few overly boisterous, but the ratio is far more acute than anywhere I’ve ever been.

This morning I came across this almost ten minute video that nearly made me late. As I have discussed with a friend of mine reading the news on the internet and sorting through rss feeds can have devastating effects on our work ethic specifically our timeliness that morning. This video made me appreciate all of the people I have ever worked with. The meek, the sheik, the geek, the lazy, the inept, and that douche bag that seems to reside in a portion of everyone’s lives, whether he be in sales your neighbor, or brother in law.

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I Less Than Three WI-FI

30 June 2008

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Last month I wrote about my back yard grilling with an over abundance of microwave frequency. In our new place I enjoy my 802.11n signal throughout the town house. I’m also able to pick up about ten other signals, a few named default and Linksys. Because I love Wi-FI so much I thought I’d share a few interesting links that I’ve found useful or entertaining.

Fear and self-loathing in stealing Wi-Fi.

Steal This Wi-Fi.
The $10 super wireless internet antenna.
How to teach your WiFi-stealing neighbor a lesson.
802.11 Pocket Reference Guide [pdf]
Maximize your Wi-Fi signal on a minimized budget.
How to Get the Most From the Wi-Fi Cafe.
Open Wireless Router.

Dare I say that Moleskin’s are over rated?

29 June 2008

It took three weeks for my Moleskin to fall apart. In the future I may still get next year’s planner, unless of course I pick up an iphone along the way. I was really looking forward to my Moleskin since I have a variety of once blank notebooks from over the years. The cover of my Moleskin separated from the spine and I was always a little embarrassed to pull it out, as the whole thing seemed rather showy.

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For years I have gotten along quite well carrying a green wheel book in my pocket. Now I use a tawdry spiral pocket notebook. I go through one about every two weeks. In the navy I went through a green wheel book every month. So thank you Mr. Hemingway but I’ll actually stick to the low end mass produced product today.

Now that my Criminal Law mid-term is past, it’s time to start focusing on the barrage of upcoming mid terms and finals in the next few weeks. I like rewriting my notes and find that it does help. Despite what some may say about the use of time it works for me.

I liked Tim Ferriss’ How to Take Notes Like an Alpha-Geek especially the indexing method which particularly helps during study sessions.
Going back over this old Life Hacker Post I am intrigued with the Cornell Note Taking Method. Most of our instruction blocks are done through lecture supplemented with horrible power points. Learning objectives are emphasized for upcoming celebrations of knowledge, and there are given margins to take notes in. The problem is transporting the gargantuan binder that gets heavier with each passing day. Life Hacker also provides a good example of this method. I imagine it will smoothly integrate between my two separate methods of notes.
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Watch Out Benny Goodman: Clarinet Playing Robots

26 June 2008

From: Boing Boing

There is a special spot in my heart for any robot/droid that can play the clarinet. Growing up my parents were big fans of grounding me. Weekends, months, summers what ever. One of the summers that I was grounded I learned to play my sisters clarinet. After about an hour of trying to get the padding on my fingers correct on the holes I was able to play the Quantum Leap theme song.

Admitting to both of these things I automatically lose 12 cool points.

How Cops Really Want to Police

18 June 2008

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Freakonomics: How Cops Really Want to Police

My Philosophy teacher introduced me to Freakonomics last year. Since then I have loved the sequence covering HBO’s The Wire, and have even bought Edward Conlon’s Blue Blood from a recommendation.

Though I disagree with the legality and ethics of the mentioned police tactics, I had to share what one of the comments had to say that I felt was particularly interesting.

Most folks don’t appreciate the psychologically caustic environment that police, particularly those on the street in dense urban areas, have to deal with day in and day out. It’s easy to be on the outside and judge, and most of them do have a gritty quality that rubs folks the wrong way, but that is the same quality that enables them to perform a very necessary function for society.
If you dont believe me, go work in a slaughterhouse for a week killing animals three times your body mass. When you can’t walk through a meat isle at the grocer without a sense of recollection, you will have an tangible example of what I mean.
-Crazy Cooter