Michigan, a great place to leave.

12 February 2008

Frobes has just ranked Detroit as the No. 1 Most Miserable City.

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It’s no wonder that there isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t meet someone else from Michigan. I was looking at a wall of framed certifications today at the doctor’s office. I noticed that he had interned at one of three hospitals back in Michigan. One of which, though no longer there was in my home town.

The over used saying is,”Canary in the coal mine”, so I’ll refrain from using it. I will mention that nearly everyone I know from back home wants to leave but can’t sell their house. Its getting to the point where it isn’t so much that they’d take a loss on it, its that they really just can’t sell it. As we continue to emigrate from the great mitten in droves maybe we’ll run into each other.

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Better than spinning a globe really fast and slapping it to a stop with your finger

1 January 2008

When I was a kid I used to spin the globe around as fast as I could stopping it randomly with my finger convinced of my new determined residence. Doing this always landed me in the Northern Hemisphere, and three out of four times in the Pacific Ocean.

Find Your Spot seems to be a bit more accurate if only on the surface. Going through eight or so pages it will figure out what location best suits you as well as any internet website can. My number one place was Salem Oregon, actually most of my picks were in Oregon, a few in Wisconsin, and my number two was Anchorage Alaska.

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