iPod Hacks

24 April 2008

Jessica Hupp has compiled a list of 75+ tutorials on how to turn your iPod into anything.

flickr: schlops

My favorites are:

Ouija Board
Guitar Tuner/Metranome
Universal Remote
Pirate Radio Station
Bike Charger
Altoid’d Minty Boost

For the complete list check out Travel Hacker via DIY: Happy.

I also enjoyed O’Reilly Publication’s iPod & iTunes Hacks, which has taught me the effectiveness of using smart playlists and other fun things. Though part autobiographical I also liked reading Dylan Jones’ iPod, Therefor I am.

Further Reading:
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How to Make a Minibook with Coffee Cup Sleeves

16 April 2008

While I in no way condone drinking Starbuck’s Coffee I have been known to have cup holders full of coffee cup sleeves.

Recycle This has interesting solutions for recycling the various things that clog the static of ourl ives. The most interesting solutions from this post came from Amanda’s comments.

Link: Recycle This